Ashley Martinez

Ashley first discovered yoga in 2001 while studying International Relations and Dance at the University of Pittsburgh. Upon graduating, Ashley moved to New York City and completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training with Nixa De Bellis. It was there that she learned about the healing capabilities of the breath, the importance of slowing down and the practice of deep listening. Her hope is to share these tools with her students. 

After a move to Chicago, Ashley continued her studies under the guidance of Indu Arora and attended and cohosted workshops both nationally in Los Angeles and internationally in Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia.

Ashley now calls San Antonio her home and is thrilled to share the magical space that is Alamo City Yoga with the community. She finds joy in spending time with her family, dancing, traveling and cooking. She is passionate about cultivating a daily practice and hopes that through her classes, which involve creative sequencing, poetic phrasing and pranayama, students are able to step away from the mind and come home to the heart.


Natalie Holland

Natalie specializes in scientifically based holistic health practices and education.  

She works to help others improve their quality of life by utilizing wellness education, yoga therapy, and Pilates. She relied on all of these modalities to heal her mind, body, and spirt after her own treatment for breast cancer.   Natalie believes deeply that life’s challenges create opportunities for growth.  No mud…no lotus! 

Natalie works in both group and private settings educating others about everything from preventative practices for good health, to toxic load reduction, to the rehabilitation and maintenance of good health.  She has a deep love for both mindful movement and yoga nidra as means for healing.  Helping people feel healed, healthy, happy, and whole is her love language.  You can discover more on her blog


Adriana Gómez del Campo

Born in Mexico City, Adriana found yoga in high school and fell in love with the way the practice was not only strengthening her physical body, but also brought peace and balance to her emotional and spiritual body. She believes the connection of the breath, body and the mind not only help us find and recognize our true self, but also brings awareness to our connection to the world around us.

Adriana completed her 200-hour Vinyasa Flow training with Lakshmi Rising School of Yoga led by Liz Lindh. She hopes to encourage students to build greater self-awareness and find peace through their yoga practice by listening and moving to the rhythm of their breath. She loves spending time in nature, running and hiking, exploring new places, dancing and finding happiness in the small things.


Lana Reed

Lana is a photographer and a RYT 500 & E-RYT-200. Lana fell madly in love with yoga in 2006, but it was in 2012 that she decided to pursue the relationship on a professional level. Lana graduated from the Esther Vexler School of Yoga in San Antonio led by Emilie Rogers and Dr. Sreedhara. Lana discovered acroyoga, which in turn led her to discover and explore many of the circus arts. It quickly became clear that acroyoga, handbalancing, and swinging from her trapeze, named 'Starfire’, would be welcomed into her life alongside yoga.

Lana graduated with her next level of yoga certification from an advanced yoga teacher training led by Shanti Kelley and Gioconda Parker in Austin, and she now has the privilege, in turn, to lead yoga teacher trainings and offer a variety of yoga classes in San Antonio. In her personal asana practice, Lana studies almost exclusively Anusara and Ashtanga Yoga, these styles root her practice and her teaching strongly in alignment technique. From that strong foundation, Lana explores unique ways of sequencing so that each class is an adventure — an exploration into shape, breath, flexibility, mobility and strength. She encourages her students at every opportunity to invite the elements of softness, determination, playfulness and mindful awareness into each and every posture. She loves inspiring each of her students to turn inward, trust their intuition and to bravely confront perceived limitations.


Alexa Scalercio

Born and raised in San Antonio, TX, Alexa Scalercio found yoga in 2015 and instantly fell in love with both the physical and mental practice that yoga provided her. Throughout the past few years, she has explored many different asana practices and decided to obtain her 200-hour teacher training in Uvita, Costa Rica, in April 2018. Alexa focuses her teaching on proper alignment that allows each posture to create strength and balance within the body. She loves to create an inspirational environment for her students to grow their yoga practice in. Her classes are fun, strength building, full of fun music, and will definitely make you sweat and leave feeling amazing!


Michelle Canamar

Michelle was born in Texas but as a military brat moved around until about 20yrs ago when she settled here in San Antonio with her 1 yr old son. Now, 20 yrs later she has added a husband, 3 bonus kids, 6 grandkids and 2 fur babies (the only ones still at home). She found yoga 5 yrs ago when anxiety and depression had taken over her life. Yoga helped her find stillness and peace in the midst of chaos and she went on to get her 225 hr certification. She loves being able to guide people in moving through life finding the same peace, release and stillness she found.


Deborah Livingston

Deborah Livingston is an educator with thirty years of experience. She is a graduate of Trinity University with a BA in English and Middlebury College with an MA in Literature. In an effort to help her students transition from the chaotic hallway to the studious classroom, she happened upon on mindful breathing. Through this simple technique, her students settled into the learning environment. From this result, Deborah began her study of meditation culminating in her study with Cyndi Lee of OM Yoga resulting in Deborah’s certification as a meditation teacher. Volunteering with Yoga Day, Deborah currently teaches and facilitates meditation for end-of-life teenagers at Methodist Children’s Hospital in San Antonio. Through her own meditation practice, she has learned the benefits of meditation.


Theresa weeks

Theresa believes that the practice of yoga is unique and authentic to each person, and she strives to create a safe space for every student to practice in their own way. The journey of her personal practice is the foundation of her all-level teaching methods, as she had struggled with physical fitness throughout her life.

She found yoga in a search to find health and wellness in a way that didn’t leave her feeling defeated; because growing up in San Antonio means #tacosarelife, and pushups should be easy but they’re not. After committing to her personal practice in 2012, she has witnessed her own strength and ability exceed even her dreamiest of dreams (to pushups, and beyond!).

Her goal as a teacher is to share the knowledge and practices that have brought her success in her journey, and to help her students build a practice they can trust. Her classes have been called “low-key, yet challenging,” because she believes in high-efficiency, low-impact movement for a sustainable, lifelong practice.

Theresa is an E-RYT 200hr certified instructor, and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP).

She completed her first 200hr certification in January 2016 at The Yoga Institute, in Houston TX

Shortly after, in April 2016, she completed her second 200hr training with YogaOne Houston (now YogaWorks).

Samantha-Pena-San-Antonio-Yoga-Instructor-Alamo-City-Yoga 2.jpg

Samantha Peña

Samantha Peña is a certified RYS 200 Yoga Instructor. Her teaching is rooted in over 10 years of personal practice.

Samantha first discovered yoga at the gym where she identified it as an effective method for transforming the body. Over time,  yoga became more of a healing practice for relieving back pain and calming the mind in the face of life’s challenges.

Samantha teaches with the intention to leave students feeling better than when they walked in. In her classes, Samantha shares techniques for cultivating strength and releasing tension - both physically and mentally - with the hopes that will extend into other areas of their lives. Her teaching style is encouraging, compassionate, and lighthearted, and her classes are always a safe space for honoring modifications.



Andrea Anderson

Andrea (Andi) Anderson is a professor of Anatomy & Physiology and Nutrition at Northwest Vista College. She is a certified RYS 200-hour instructor with two 200-hour yoga certifications. One was acquired through the Open Hand Institute (2016) and most recently one acquired through Alamo City Yoga (2018).

Andi has practiced yoga consistently for eight years. The athletic nature of the practice is what first intrigued her. Then, she realized that there is so much more. The mental and emotional peace keeps her coming back for more.

Andi’s classes are challenging flow sequences with pranayama that allow individuals to meet their needs safely and smartly. Listening to one’s own body and accepting what it can and cannot do are of utmost importance. Her classes enable students to explore themselves on the mat, then take what they learn with them off the mat. Students leave feeling better physically, mentally, and emotionally compared to when they entered the yoga room.



Gretchen Cruthirds

Gretchen inspires an approachable yet challenging practice with a passion to share the freeing benefits of yoga with a wide range of students. She completed her RYT-200 in 2018 at Alamo City Yoga under the instruction of Lana Reed, RYT-500, E-RYT-200. 

A South Texas native, Gretchen lived in Saudi Arabia, North Carolina and several other Texas towns before moving to San Antonio in 2014.  She earned a marketing degree and a MBA but when she discovered the life-changing power of yoga she knew something very special had been revealed to her - one of the most meaningful subjects that she had ever wanted to study.

Gretchen loves the gentleness and focus that yoga brings to her exciting and hectic life as a mother of two young children.  Having an athletic background in competitive sports, the great challenges of accepting yourself “as-is” and loving yourself for who you are on the inside- not who the world says you are- hold very powerful weight. With her husband, Cody, and her children, Gretchen loves to travel, be active outdoors, take photos, read, cook and, of course, practice yoga!

As a new teacher, Gretchen is eager to connect and build relationships with students and develop her own signature style of instructing. Ever a student, she continues to commit to her personal practice to bring integrity to her teaching.



sybil webb

Sybil is a Registered Yoga Teacher who has completed her 200 hours of teacher training in San Antonio. After leaving her career as an elementary school teacher, she began to pursue her long-time dream of teaching yoga. She comes from a background of gymnastics and fell in love with yoga 18 years ago while living in Los Angeles. Her own practice is rooted in Ashtanga Yoga and her style of teaching incorporates a combination of Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow.

She believes that yoga is so much more than a physical practice. She has personally seen its genuine benefits mentally, emotionally, spiritually as well as physically. She believes that the body and mind are designed to restore and that yoga is an avenue to self healing and self discovery.

She is thrilled to be part of the San Antonio yoga community and blessed to be part of Alamo City Yoga! In addition to teaching and practicing yoga, she enjoys cooking, traveling and spending time with her family and friends.