Ashley Martinez

Ashley first discovered yoga in 2001 while studying International Relations and Dance at the University of Pittsburgh. Upon graduating, Ashley moved to New York City and completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training with Nixa De Bellis. It was there that she learned about the healing capabilities of the breath, the importance of slowing down and the practice of deep listening. Her hope is to share these tools with her students. 

After a move to Chicago, Ashley continued her studies under the guidance of Indu Arora and attended and cohosted workshops both nationally in Los Angeles and internationally in Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia.

Ashley now calls San Antonio her home and is thrilled to share the magical space that is Alamo City Yoga with the community. She finds joy in spending time with her family, dancing, traveling and cooking. She is passionate about cultivating a daily practice and hopes that through her classes, which involve creative sequencing, poetic phrasing and pranayama, students are able to step away from the mind and come home to the heart.


Natalie Holland

Natalie specializes in scientifically based holistic health practices and education.  

She works to help others improve their quality of life by utilizing wellness education, yoga therapy, and Pilates. She relied on all of these modalities to heal her mind, body, and spirt after her own treatment for breast cancer.   Natalie believes deeply that life’s challenges create opportunities for growth.  No mud…no lotus! 

Natalie works in both group and private settings educating others about everything from preventative practices for good health, to toxic load reduction, to the rehabilitation and maintenance of good health.  She has a deep love for both mindful movement and yoga nidra as means for healing.  Helping people feel healed, healthy, happy, and whole is her love language.  You can discover more on her blog www.HouseOfHealing.Space 


Adriana Gómez del Campo

Born in Mexico City, Adriana found yoga in high school and fell in love with the way the practice was not only strengthening her physical body, but also brought peace and balance to her emotional and spiritual body. She believes the connection of the breath, body and the mind not only help us find and recognize our true self, but also brings awareness to our connection to the world around us.

Adriana completed her 200-hour Vinyasa Flow training with Lakshmi Rising School of Yoga led by Liz Lindh. She hopes to encourage students to build greater self-awareness and find peace through their yoga practice by listening and moving to the rhythm of their breath. She loves spending time in nature, running and hiking, exploring new places, dancing and finding happiness in the small things.


Lana Reed

Lana is a photographer and a RYT 500 & E-RYT-200. Lana fell madly in love with yoga in 2006, but it was in 2012 that she decided to pursue the relationship on a professional level. Lana graduated from the Esther Vexler School of Yoga in San Antonio led by Emilie Rogers and Dr. Sreedhara. Lana discovered acroyoga, which in turn led her to discover and explore many of the circus arts. It quickly became clear that acroyoga, handbalancing, and swinging from her trapeze, named 'Starfire’, would be welcomed into her life alongside yoga.

Lana graduated with her next level of yoga certification from an advanced yoga teacher training led by Shanti Kelley and Gioconda Parker in Austin, and she now has the privilege, in turn, to lead yoga teacher trainings and offer a variety of yoga classes in San Antonio. In her personal asana practice, Lana studies almost exclusively Anusara and Ashtanga Yoga, these styles root her practice and her teaching strongly in alignment technique. From that strong foundation, Lana explores unique ways of sequencing so that each class is an adventure — an exploration into shape, breath, flexibility, mobility and strength. She encourages her students at every opportunity to invite the elements of softness, determination, playfulness and mindful awareness into each and every posture. She loves inspiring each of her students to turn inward, trust their intuition and to bravely confront perceived limitations.


Shaun Jones

Shaun Jones, RYT 200 believes in living a life of simplicity and growth. He is a dedicated student of Ashtanga Yoga. This beautiful practice facilitates physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.  Shaun teaches yoga as a moving meditation that allows students to quiet their inner dialog as they enter into a space of deep self awareness.  Shaun aims to teach as close to the Ashtanga tradition as possible, empowering students to take full ownership of their practice. Shaun also teaches this transformative practice in alcohol and drug treatment centers for the Trini Foundation ( for more information).


Additionally, Shaun is seeking his master's degree in public health.  He currently researches mindfulness, yoga, and their impact on individuals with substance abuse disorders.


Nicole Sánchez

Nicole began her yoga journey in 2012 and quickly knew it was a philosophy she wanted to deeply explore. In 2013, she earned her 200 hr. Yoga Alliance Teacher Certificate from Yoga Shala of San Antonio. She has utilized the practice to steady her mind and live more gracefully in her life. She has also continued her yoga studies by learning principles of Ayurveda at Hamsa School of Yoga and aspires to work towards her International Association of Yoga Therapist certificate starting in May 2018 with Yoga Yoga at Synergy Studio.  Nicole is extremely grateful for the practice of yoga and how it continues to realign her internal dialogue. In her classes, she focuses on intentional and elegant movements to guide students to experience the present moment. “Yoga doesn’t make life perfect, but it allows for us to feel and examine our reactions through breathing”.


connie lozano

Connie is one of San Antonio's most vibrant teachers with a passion for yoga that is contagious. She has found practicing and teaching yoga a lifestyle that is truly satisfying. Her classes are mindful, innovative, transformative, challenging and compassionate. She combines creatively sequenced asana with pranayama and meditation.

Her well-earned reputation for balancing humor with the task of allowing each student to find a deeper connection within is refreshing. Placing equal emphasis on mind, body and breath encouraging students to not only connect to their own inner strength and power but also nurture a connection to that part of them that is part of all things. Her classes will leave you feeling peacefully energized.

Connie has been teaching yoga and meditation full time since 1998 and continues her studies daily on the mat. Her yoga certifications are multiple and her sharing of studies generous. Connie has experience teaching the special needs population including those suffering from ADHD, Asthma, COPD, injury/restriction as well as those dealing with addiction, Cancer, joint replacement, MS Fibromyalgia and PTSD. She is also sensitive to illness that accompanies each of us as we age.


Natalie Flores

Natalie Danielle is an RYT 500hr Yoga instructor trained in Vinyasa Flow style Yoga and Adaptive Therapeutic Yoga.

Practicing yoga on and off for years, her practice evolved into a dedicated spiritual discipline after struggling with mental illness and navigating the mental health system. Natalie's practice has become an important healing tool- She strives to make each Hatha, Vinyasa, or Strong Flow class adaptive and personal; using movement as an honest tool for self-expression, self-acceptance, and healing. In addition to her yoga, Natalie is a coffee drinking, crystal healing, moon gazing, Dog-mom.

Practice with Natalie
Always empowering prepare to enter a well- rounded class of mindful movement and intentional breath; challenge yourself to greater compassion and connection with your own body, mind, and soul. Break down patterns and evoke a spiritual striving for balance.
Creative healing movement - YOUR movement. YOUR practice


Natalie Slaton

Natalie grew up in Dallas, TX and married her childhood sweetheart. She now has three kids, 2 dogs, and a mini-van (which she swore she would never own!). While living in Austin, Natalie began practicing yoga after a back injury. Seven years later, in 2015, she began her journey towards certification as a yoga instructor in San Antonio. She now holds a 225 hr. yoga instructor certification as well as a kids yoga and yoga touch certifications. For her, yoga instruction serves as a beautiful space where she can blend her love of people, music, movement, fitness and faith.